A. Rojszczak Award

Artur Rojszczak Award has been founded by the Club of the Foundation for Polish Science Scholars and the Foundation itself to commemorate one of the Club founders, Artur Rojszczak. Artur was a renowned philosopher and a man of a great heart who died tragically in 2001.


Each year, the Artur Rojszczak Award (5000 PLN) is granted to a young researcher (up to 5 years after PhD), who is ont only distiguished in their scientific discipline, but also has a humanistic attitude towards the world, broad horizons and a will to help others.


Nowadays, publications, patents and commercial applications are becoming requisite for scientific success. Curiosity, scientific passion and sensitivity to needs of others become less and less important. The aim of Artur Rojszczak Award is to promote those values, often forgotten by the grant-funding organisations.